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We have a team of skilled consultants who specialise in integration and automation. It is absolutely crucial that business owners today adopt the latest technology and digitise areas in their workflow. By achieving this, businesses are able to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability while simultaneously reducing costs.

The key is striking the balance between technology and the human touch. With our expertise, you can be sure that your business will achieve that balance and be in the best possible position to grow and succeed.

We have tools for all kinds of businesses – a startup or an established company looking to spread its wings. At Tax On Tax Off, we assess your business using in-depth system analysis and offer solutions through our business consultancy services.

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Our Process

We design custom solutions to integrate and automate workflows within your business to achieve higher output and lower costs. With our business consulting services in Sydney and Australia wide, we use the latest tools to improve how you do things


The first step is to assess what is happening in your business to identify roadblocks preventing you from reaching your goals. Using system analysis, we audit your workflows to identify areas that can be automated and make recommendations on how we can improve those processes.



Once we’ve identified the issues, we begin to design solutions to those problems using system integration software that automate and improve your workflow. We then implement and test the new system to ensure you are getting the results and benefits you need.



Education is key. As part of our business consultancy services, we teach you and your team how to use your new automated system and provide ongoing support to assist you on your journey and grow your business.



Managing everything independently is highly time-consuming and can be daunting. Hence, once the project is delivered we are here to offer ongoing maintenance and support to ensure everything is up to date and running smoothly to prevent any hiccups along the way.

It’s Not Just A Service, It’s Your Solution

Tax On Tax Off, being one of the leading business consulting firms in Sydney, helps businesses integrate and automate areas of their business so they can manage their finances smoothly. Our focus is to assess what your business needs, design a solution, implement it, educate your team, and provide ongoing maintenance.
Assessment & Goal Setting

Assessment & Goal Setting

The first step in our business consultation process is to meet you and the team and discuss the current state of your business and where you plan to take it, both in the short and long term. This exercise is from a macro point of view, where we can discuss technical and emotional underlying issues that act as a roadblock to your success. This process will give you and our team a roadmap and macro objectives.

System Analysis & Workflow Audit

System Analysis & Workflow Audit

Once we have your roadmap, we will look at your workflow and any systems you have in place. System analysis and a workflow audit will provide detailed information on areas that can be improved. Once the issues can be identified, we can begin recommending solutions.

Design & Implementation

Design & Implementation

We design and implement systems using integration and automation to improve and solve problems identified in your audit. It can vary from off-the-shelf solutions to custom-designed software, depending on your needs. We rigorously test your new system and provide ongoing support to you and your team throughout this transition so you never feel lost or uncomfortable.

Education & Support

Education & Support

At Tax On Tax Off, we don’t stop at implementation and testing. We believe ongoing education and support is vital. We support you and your team to assist with any enquiry. Additionally, we have a team of external experts such as lawyers, expert marketing consultants, and chartered accountants who can help if we can’t solve a particular issue. We provide all this to help you become an expert in your business and industry.

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Why Choose Us?

Created to support small businesses in Australia and to share a wealth of knowledge that isn’t readily available, Founder, David Musumeci has personally owned multiple businesses in the creative and hospitality industry, knowing first-hand the nuances of growing a successful business and brand.
You’re not just a number, and we don’t provide a textbook answer to your problems. Bringing over 20 years of experience into your business, we understand not only the technical issues that may be impacting you but also the emotional stress and anxiety that affect you and your team’s performance.
We are here for the ride and we’re a true partner to your business. We provide ongoing technical and emotional support to help you through your journey and give you the best possible chance to succeed.

Our Pricing

Every business is unique and requires solutions that are tailor made to their needs. Get in touch today for a free consultation on how we can assess, design and implement new and improved workflows for your business using the latest technology in integration and automation


POAPrice on application
  • Review business needs and existing workflows
  • Assess and design new and improved workflows and systems
  • Implementation and testing
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Audit and maintenance of systems and workflows
  • Business advisory and support

“What sets me apart from other agents is I’m an entrepreneur who also owns a nationwide successful music production company and multiple restaurants. I’ve been in the trenches and I understand the pressure of staying in business whilst trying to have time for your family and friends”

– David Musumeci

Frequently asked questions

Business consultancy services help leaders and business owners by giving them expert advice to improve the performance of their business. They primarily assist businesses in growing by helping them resolve operational challenges and bring more efficiency to the workflow.
We can help you in the following ways:

  • Alleviate obstacles and challenges that are holding you back from gaining increased profits or growth
  • Help you craft a plan to scale your business and grow
  • Help create new business processes to replace the old systems that are causing daily operational issues like slower output, increased costs, and unreliable results
  • Give you access to a strong professional network of business professionals to assist you with anything you need that is considered outside our scope
We work with small to medium sized businesses who want to grow. Whether you are a small startup, or an established business, we offer customised business solutions to meet your needs.
You can start your journey with us by calling us or filling out the form on our website. We will then contact you and schedule a free consultation to understand your business goals and needs.
Client privacy and confidentiality are things that we pride ourselves on. All the information you share with us will be kept confidential, and our team also follows a strict code of ethics and confidentiality to protect your data.
We offer the following services to our clients:

  • System analysis and a workflow audit
  • Provide recommendations on how to improve those workflows using integration and automation
  • Design & implement your new system
  • Educate and provide support to your team
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates
Some factors influence the results timeline, including:

  • Your budget and the complexity of challenges
  • The size of your team or organisation
  • Scope of the project

While the timeframe to see the results of your project might vary, we will work closely with you to set realistic expectations and give you a timeline to reach your KPIs.

Our services stand apart from others in the industry thanks to our extensive experience. Our commitment to the client’s success and personalised approach to all projects set us apart from our competitors.
Of course, we can provide you with relevant case studies and references from our past projects. Feel free to request them during your initial consultation with our experts.
Consultation costs completely depend on the following factors:

  • The project’s scope
  • Requirements of the client
  • The services required by our business consultancy

We believe in transparency and will provide you with a detailed quotation and competitive pricing for your benefit and understanding.

Our job does not end with the delivery of the project. We offer ongoing support to all our clients to address any new challenges that might arise in the future. We want to build a long-term relationship with you and adapt to your changing needs.
You can contact us by filling out the contact form on our website, emailing us (, or calling us on 0404 075 550. We will be happy to schedule a consultation with you and start the process.
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