Keeping you balancedfinancially and in life.

At Tax On Tax Off, we provide tailor made financial solutions that give you the tools to grow and keep you balanced

Financial Consultancy in Australia

We do what we do best, so you have time to do what you do best

At Tax On Tax Off, we evaluate your business needs and design tailor made financial solutions using integration and automation.


Our premium services are designed to cut down the time to deliver your financial reporting requirements and provide you with accurate and timely data to help you do what you do best, be creative and grow your business!


We love business and there is no greater pleasure than to see people succeed. Tax On Tax Off was created by its Founder and Entrepreneur, David Musumeci, to help others achieve by giving them the knowledge and expertise he’s gained over the last 20 years in a way that is powerful and affordable.

Whether you’re a start up or looking to grow your business, we can provide you the tools to achieve your goals.

We offer the complete setup of your accounting system including any integrations and automation required with your POS or other CRM software. Additionally, our bookkeeping and BAS services provide ongoing bookkeeping, BAS/IAS preparation and lodgement, accounts payable/receivable and unlimited support.

Our premium payroll services ensure your staff are paid according to legislation and we ensure your payroll obligations are compliant and performed in a timely manner. Our team cover all areas of payroll including Award Interpretation, PAYG and payroll tax, superannuation, leave, and employee onboarding and termination.

Our consultancy services specialise in creating custom financial solutions to grow and manage your business. We design and implement system workflows using the latest technology in integration and automation.


Our focus is to assess what your business needs, design a solution, implement it, educate, and finally evaluate and manage your accounting system.


Assess your business needs and processes, and design new or improved workflows



Implement and test the new workflow to ensure you are getting the results and benefits you need



Educate you and your staff on how to use your new system and provide the industry knowledge you need to understand and grow your business



We provide premium ongoing bookkeeping and BAS agent services including payroll and accounts payable/receivable so you can get creative

“What sets me apart from other agents is I’m an entrepreneur who also owns a nationwide successful music production company and multiple restaurants. I’ve been in the trenches and I understand the pressure of staying in business whilst trying to have time for your family and friends”- David Musumeci


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